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Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured." ~B.K.S. Iyengar

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All classes are open to drop-in's except the beginner series.

Class Types
Most of our classes can accommodate all levels of physical ability and yoga experience.  For a less strenuous practice we suggest the gentle,  and yoga for relaxation classes.  Please inform the instructor of any injuries or physical limitations before class so they can best support you and your needs.

Hatha Yoga 
Traditional Hatha yoga class with an emphasis on alignment and some vinyasa elements. Each class is sequenced to bring proper alignment and understanding of the asanas (postures), while incorporating awareness of the breath to each movement. Props are incorporated into each class to assist in teaching postures/movement and provide modifications to accommodate different levels of physical abilities.

Core Hatha ~
Hatha Yoga with Core emphasis. Each class starts with core building abdominal  exercises at the beginning of class to get in touch with the core as we go through each pose.  A unique blend of hatha yoga and pilates.

4 Week or 6 Week Beginner Series   ~  
Perfect for anyone new to yoga! This course is a progressive series of classes to learn the foundations of a yoga practice. The class will introduce the yoga postures (asanas) in a safe, supportive manner - incorporating breath awareness and alignment in the body. We will also explore the many health benefits of yoga such as stress reduction. Reconnect your body with your mind and spirit to bring balance to your life.
Next 6-week series begins Jan 9th in Seaside, Jan 15 in Salinas, and Jan 16 in Pacific Grove

Beginning Yoga (on-going Saturdays) ~ 
A dynamic practice specifically for students new to yoga or those who wish to refresh their fundamental skills. Strong focus on effective alignment with breathwork and meditation applied to posture practice. Class sequences are focused on a theme or goal posture to prepare each body in a step-by-step way to meet its own unique challenges. Students learn to integrate the actions required to create comfortable stability in the body and mind, while releasing habitual tension and inviting relaxation.

Restorative Yoga   ~  
Learn to let go: release chronic tension, stress, and anxiety from the body and mind. Restore the body from the inside out with supported postures and guided breathing.  This class offers a deep state of relaxation; soothing the central nervous system.   Appropriate for all levels and physical conditions.

Yin Yoga ~
Originating in China, asanas are held for up to 5 minutes in a relaxing posture. No forced flexion or engaging the muscles and bones happens in Yin Yoga.  Yin yoga aims to lengthen the connective tissue thus greater motion in dailylife!  The use of props (cushions,blankets, blocks, even belts) is diverse and encouraged in order to fully relax the muscles and eventually the tendons. A typical class will focus on 5 to 10 poses.Yin lends itself to calming the mind, letting go will, and unforced breathing to bring stillness.  Yin Yoga differs from Gentle Yoga in that poses are generally held from 3 to 5minutes. No strengthening  or standing asanas.  It is similar as they both rely heavily on props.  If you love Hatha Yoga, you owe it to your practice, your connective tissue, and breath to experience Yin!   This class is suitable for all yoga abilities.

Sivananda Yoga   ~ 
Sri Swami Sivananda was a great yogi and sage who devoted his life to the service of humanity and the study of the Vendanta. He summed up in six simple commands, "Serve, Love, Purity, Meditate, Realize". In Sivananda Yoga we practice the five principles - proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper breathing, proper diet, and positive thinking and meditation.

Iyengar Yoga ~
Iyengar yoga teaches stability and openness through sensitive attention to alignment so that the flow of energy and the focus of the mind are found in each pose.  Through this understanding and the use of props, the poses can be modified to be accessible to anyone in any physical condition. 
"You will know that alignment is there when mind does not wander."  BKS Iyengar

Dynamic Hatha Yoga ~

A practice which integrates the five techniques of hatha yoga – asana (stillness), pranayama (breath), bandha (integration), vinyasa (rhythm), and drushti (presence) – to create a holistic practice addressing the body/mind/spirit in its entirety and inviting the possibility for meditative absorption. Focus will be on creating dynamic alignment through broadening, lengthening and spiraling actions in movement first as a way to prepare the body/mind to become stable, at ease, sensitive and aware for a length of time in stillness. Class sequences flow in a gradual way from less challenging to more challenging postures and generally follow a theme which can be directed by the students' needs or desires while accommodating all levels of practitioners.

Yoga Flow/Vinyasa ~

An alignment based practice, this class focuses on the synchronization of breath and movement, flowing through postures (asanas) to the rhythm of the breath. There is more emphasis on moving sequences of postures (vinyasa) with hold time to balance movement. This moving meditation practice is an excellent way to increase awareness of breathing, while enhancing flexibility and stamina and building strength.

Gentle Yoga   ~  
Tuesdays: A gentle, therapeutic class emphasizing flexibility, balance, core strength and hip stability. Leave feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
Thursdays: A beginning practice that emphasizes increasing range of motion through gentle movement and breath.

Yoga for EveryBODY/Relaxation   ~  
We invite our community in the celebration of Wellness to our yoga classes. These classes are appropriate for every body, including those who have never done yoga, all body types and ages, and those who lack flexibility or have physical limitations. Each class offers the use of props to allow for modifications or accessibility to the postures, including chairs for those who need to be seated. Our mission is to serve our community by creating a sanctuary to promote health and Wellness through the practice and education of yoga.
Cost: Suggested donation of $7-$15 for Sunday's class 

Yoga for Emotional Clearing~
This class combines yoga postures (asana) with an emphasis on breathing and guided meditations designed to help you clear emotions that feel stuck or “sticky”. The physical movements are gentle and designed to be performed mindfully making them accessible to people with all levels of flexibility.

Free Community Yoga~

All Levels Yoga: Sundays  This class is an all levels practice that encourages connection to the breath through properly aligned postures.

Adaptive Yoga: Fridays This free class is designed to accommodate various physical conditions & using yoga to support healing such as back care, joint/arthritis support, recovering from an illness or injury and other adaptive needs.   

Classes are led by teacher training students & staff.

Yoga For Midlife & Beyond ~ 
Using props and variations, Yoga Simply for Seniors seeks to support the older yoga student in practicing beginner to intermediate Hatha yoga poses.  The use of breathing combined with movement is also emphasized.  Chanting and meditative practice is included so that class members can benefit from all that yoga has to offer the body, mind, and spirit.

“Yoga is a gift for older people.  One who studies yoga in the later years gains not only health and happiness, but also freshness of mind since yoga gives one a bright outlook on life.”  Geeta S. Iyengar

Ayurvedic Yoga ~
Each class will begin with an Ayurvedic topic, followed by hatha yoga that will move through the doshic phases:  Vata - to calm the mind, Kapha - to get the cardio going, and Pitta -  to cool down.   A perfect way to start your Sunday and ease into the week.  Open to all levels.

Prenatal Yoga   ~ 
Pregnancy is a transitional time in the life of your family, both physically and mentally. At no other time in your life are there so many opportunities to grow along with the change. In joining our prenatal yoga class, not only will you learn postures to help you feel better physically; benefiting the health of you and your baby, but you will begin to prepare mentally for labor, birth, and motherhood.   Click here for More Prenatal Information

Postpartum Yoga
& Mommy & Me Yoga   ~   Grow, laugh, sing and play as we move through our yoga practice together. We have combined the immediate postpartum period and Mommy & Me Yoga into one class.  This class targets the postpartum practice and where you are welcome to bring baby to class with you!  This class offers gentle poses that emphasize building strength, maintaining openness & flexibility in the shoulders, hips and legs & addresses the health of the pelvic floor.  Most of all, mothers benefit from the support offered to each other by listening to stories and offering parenting tips.  Ages: newborn to ~18mos.  (We recommend bringing your own baby blanket to lay over studio blankets and/or mats.  The studio has some play mats and baby toys and parents are welcome to bring their own.)

Toddler and Me
Yoga for children up to age 5 and their parents. A fun class aimed at getting young children active in a way that stimulates creativity and imagination, and gets the whole family moving and stretching together. A good way to introduce healthy activity to small children, and allow parents to explore yoga in a fun, whimsical and noncompetitive manner.

(Class to return Jan, 2015)

Yoga For Kids
   ~  Through games and stories kids begin to explore yoga poses and breath work. In this four-week session kids learn various yoga poses, how to bring awareness to their breath and, most importantly, how to relax. This class is for kids 5 to 11 years old and is intended for kids without their parents. This class gives kids their own time to play with yoga and decompress from their hectic day!  Wednesdays in Seaside 4-4:45pm (on break until January), Thursdays in Pacific Grove 4-4:45pm, and Thursdays in Salinas 10:30-11:15am.

Family Yoga ~
Family yoga is a unique way to deepen the connection with those you love in a fun, peaceful and playful way.  Through the use of yoga games, individual, group and partner poses, breathing and meditation exercises, everyone will have an opportunity to cultivate emotional and physical bonding within the family and the community. Mindfulness, playfulness, and self expression through yoga is encouraged.  Bring anyone you love and awaken the inner child within!  All ages welcome.  Cost: Drop-in fee covers one adult & one child, $5 additional for each family member. (On break until January 2015)

Sacred Movement~

SACRED MOVEMENT is a practice of daily awareness and self honoring based on ancient and beautiful techniques found within the 5,000 year-old healing system of medicine known as Ayurveda, along with powerful practices from global traditions that incorporate and free your own inner muse and restorative senses. Through techniques of yoga, meditation, martial arts, and mystic dance, Laura Brink McKenna will be your guide into the world of YOU (yielding...opening.. unveiling): your inner sanctum of self-love and expression.

Self Led Meditation~

A quiet space offered for anyone to come sit and meditate.  There is no charge for meditation.


Cultivating Bliss: Kirtan, Candle Light &
Crystal Singing Bowls With Char Pias

"Kirtan is a joyful way to reconnect to the core of our Being, to our heart, and to our connection with each other.”  One of the oldest sacred music traditions of the world, the kirtan call-and-response chanting genre comes to us from India. It developed centuries ago as a spiritual practice and was known as a way to connect with the Divine. While meditation doesn't come easily for many people, kirtan is a simple and powerful way to meditate.  The music does the work for you as you flow with the melody and sounds. It calls upon transformative energies, which serve to quiet the monkey mind, remove obstacles, and return us to the center of our being.

Singing is the heart of kirtan and no one cares what you sound like. Everyone is part of creating the experience as all voices merge together to become One Voice. It’s not so much a performance as a journey into Connection through the practice
of listening & singing. Char will guide participants through a short warm up of movement and sound exercises before we embark on the Kirtan experience. The chants are relatively simple and handouts of the words will be available. The evening will close with a guided meditation while listening to the crystal singing bowls.  By donation.

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga~

This practice is designed for those who would like some movement in their class, but with a gentle, kind, and relaxed approach. Focusing on pranayama, meditative postures, and learning how to care and connect to yourself through the gentleness of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga ~
With this particular practice of yoga we are able to harness the energy of the mind and the emotions - so we can be in control of ourselves, rather than being controlled by our thoughts and our feelings. Kundalini Yoga was kept very secret and only emerged in the West in 1969 when Yogi Bhajan challenged the age-old tradition of secrecy.   A compassionate man, he wanted to help stop human suffering through this very ancient practice. Aside from the mind/emotion aspect the practice of Kundalini Yoga also balances the glandular system and strengthens the body’s nervous system.  Kundalini Yoga deals specifically with the most fundamental element of the universe, the basic life energy, known as prana.  Prana is the sub-atomic energy, the life force in us all. Known to yogis for thousands of years, Prana is what is received with every breath.  Kundalini Yoga, known as the "Yoga of Awareness" is the path of discovering the source of prana in each of us and then, teaches us to harness and use it.  Doing is believing - come and have an experience with us. Anyone, any age, can practice and do this yoga.

Ashtanga Inspired Yoga~

Ashtanga Yoga is a form of Hatha yoga developed hundreds of years ago, which focuses on postures (asanas), breath control (pranayama) and internal focus (drishti). It is a prescribed and rigorous series of standing and seated postures linked together with movement and breath. The Ashtanga Inspired class will introduce and explore this traditional form of yoga to the beginner and the more advanced practitioners. As we learn to move out of our heads and allow the body and the breath to take over, this practice becomes a moving meditation bringing us awareness of our true selves.   "Practice and all is coming..."~  Pattabhi Jois

Tribal Style Belly Dance~

Come learn the breakdown of fast and slow steps of Tribal Style Belly Dance.  We will only take a few slow and a few fast steps in each class. 
Group formations will be taught, as well as the easy right left right zill pattern.   This will lead up to performance in restaurants and events!  How fun!  Learn the art of dancing with tribal sisters and tapping into your inner goddess.