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About Us    "The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind & the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.” ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Three studios, located in Seaside, Pacific Grove, and Salinas. Yoga is for everyone and it is part of our mission to make yoga accessible to all ages and physical abilities.  Our community of yoga offers a diversity in styles and levels of yoga; both for the seasoned practitioner and new to yoga.  

The yoga postures are taught in a safe, supportive manner; incorporating the basic principles of alignment.  Props are available at both studios and offered during class to modify, support or teach a posture.  Through the practice of yoga we can gain flexibility, strength, breath and body awareness.  From that awareness, a new healthy lifestyle can be achieved.
Our staff includes over 40 instructors (scroll down for instructor bios) and are well trained & experienced teachers.  We are here to meet you where you are; offering guidance in proper alignment and safety in the practice for your body type. 

5 Tips for Your First Yoga Class

                                                    Our Studio

Clean, bamboo and hardwood floors

Over 85 all-level yoga classes every week

● Experienced, knowledgeable teachers

● Classes held every day along with special events, workshops & teacher training

● Easy parking in front of studio and additional parking behind studio buildings

● Yoga mats and props available at studio for use in class (free)


       Seaside Studio: 1360 Fremont Blvd                                                                            Pacific Grove Studio: 300 Grand Ave & Laurel


Well stocked with yoga props                                                                  Entrance Way                                                                                          Lounge
Seaside Studio                                                                           Salinas Studio Entrance                                                  Salinas Studio practice space

PG Studio facing Laurel                                                                Pacific Grove Studio practice space                               Inside the Pacific Grove Studio
PhotoFull Name
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/cc01a22d61244847a9909394575087e9.jpg*Laura McKinnon
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/6563b43a53d24809b104419beb7bb863.jpgAmelia Chapman
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/27e94493bc1c4b9aa07df7c083071ce4.jpgAmy Wright (sub)
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/6b249f1a203a4b749088363be03f6074.jpgArianna Sunshine Neff
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/7da698001c2f48e2b19b0e46963d7714.jpgAungela Dean Fairbanks
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/e57650fdaca7483d99f4d45e2025c4a7.jpgBarbara Zappas
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/7068d4d7c06a4ecca749408e3de7d552.jpgBobbie Deyerle
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/8f0333133daf46678806acbc2f4b2bbf.jpgBrittney Buffo
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/76df7614cab34c548fcf2e1ceacb8645.jpgCarolyn Bluemle
http://az12497.vo.msecnd.net/e63d30d687314a1cbbf2896b479afd51/images/191/thumb/01f2ee65788d4d8c8584b9dbb6ef024c.jpgCarrie Mann